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As we know Quantitative Section of MBA Power Prep. is very tricky similar to GMAT so we provide tested Method to crack Quantitative Section of GMAT.

Here, I have divided Quantitative Section in 31 topic and for each topic we follow these five steps.  (1) Class Materials (2) Online Daily Test (3) PDF Materials (4) Full Length Test (5) Official GMAT Questions

In every two week we conduct workshop with tons of questions

Hare, concept of all 31 topic is given with both Problem Solving and Data sufficiency types of Questions as example. Tricks, techniques and shortcut of related topic explained in detail with example. with Tutorial video you can improve your skill and Concept.

Daily Online Test of all 31 topics enrich your approach toward real GMAT concept, Question, and Format. It is bride of paper base Test to Computer base Test. it increases your interest to GMAT Quantitative and maintain your phase.

Full Length Test of all 31 topics with timer and review the solution enrich your reasoning power. Since it is in real Test format, you will be more familiar with real MBA Power Prep. Test. It helps you for time management and makes you more confident.

More practice means more clarity and confidence. Here are tons of Questions for practice for each 31 topics with answer key and solution.

To understand real GMAT Question Maker, need to practice their questions so I have separate official book Questions numbers topic wise.

Every two-week student should Practice mixed topics question to maintain phase so here is mixed topic Questions

here is GMAT Test Information to understand format of test, scoring method, validity price, test order , test duration, sections, number of question, and many more.

Tutorial video helps you ……………………

Online class also available. With exclusive study material and new technology, you will feel like real classroom environment.