Graduate Record Examinations [GRE]

Test Design Features

The advanced adaptive design of the GRE revised General Test allows you to freely move forward and backward throughout an entire section. Specific features include:

  • Preview and review capabilities within a section
  • “Mark” and “Review” features to tag questions, so you can skip them and return later if you have time remaining in the section
  • The ability to change/edit answers within a section
  • An on-screen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section


Who is it for?

After Bachlor.......

our teaching team

Manoj K Singh

Quantitative Instrucror

A strict teacher that has been teaching since 

Sunil Sen Goptoo

Verbal Instructor

Verbal Instructor

Gaby Williams

AI Expert

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Gaby is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

test structure


Number of Questions

Allotted Time


Analytical Writing
(One section with two separately timed tasks)

One “Analyze an Issue” task and one “Analyze an Argument” task

30 minutes per task

0 – 6

Verbal Reasoning
(Two sections)

20 questions per section

30 minutes per section

130 – 170

Quantitative Reasoning
(Two sections)

20 questions per section

35 minutes per section

130 – 170








Types of Questions in Quantitative Reasoning measure

Types of Questions in Quantitative Reasoning measure

  • Quantitative Comparison Questions
  • Multiple-choice Questions — Select One Answer Choice
  • Multiple-choice Questions — Select One or More Answer Choices
  • Numeric Entry Questions

The Quantitative Reasoning measure of the GRE® General Test assesses your:

  • basic mathematical skills
  • understanding of elementary mathematical concepts
  • ability to reason quantitatively and to model and solve problems with quantitative methods


teaching hours

10 weeks

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